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    Duck Box for Cats

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    Suitable for kittens & cats

    Chemical free, antibiotic free, preservative free, hormone free & additive free

    100% Australian, Maremma free range duck, ethically raised



    Duck is classified as a “cooling meat” has a calming and gentle affect on digestion. If you dog suffers from inflammatory conditions, such as allergies, cancer, and arthritis, it is recommended to add duck as a cooling food, this may assist your pets condition.

    High in Protein, Taurine, B Vitamins, Calcium and good fats Omega 3 short-chain fatty acids and
    Omega 6 fats needed for energy
    Contains up to 4 times the amount of iron and chicken, fulfilling their calcuim requirement for skeletal health. Great treat option and excellent alternative to chicken and, food intolerances.

    Nutritional Typical Analysis

    Results per 100g
    Taurine 286mg
    Calories 404
    Energy 1690kj
    Protein 23.8g
    Crude Fat 21.4g
    Fatty Acid Profile
    Saturated Fat 9.4g
    Mono Unsaturated Fat 12.9g
    Poly-Unsaturated Fat 13.6g
    Omega - 3 290g
    Omega - 9 330g
    Vitamins & Minerals
    Calcium (Ca) 110mg
    Iron (Fe) 150mg
    Magnesium (Mg) 22mg
    Phosphorus (P) 203mg
    Potassium 210mg
    Selenium 24.6mcg
    Vitamin D 26iu
    Vitamin B 6 45mg
    Vitamin B 12 52µg
    Zinc 3.07mg
    Vitamin C 5.80mg
    Folate 25µg


    Pasture Free Range Duck, Finely Ground Duck Bone & Cartilage & Organ Meat

    Product Description

    100% premium raw & natural cat food. Tathra whole duck minced. Nothing added. RSPF is Australia's first pet food company providing 100% ethically produced, pasture raised, free range pure whole Tathra duck. This human-grade duck is used by hatted restaurants and premium human food retailers throughout Australia.

    This is the newest premium raw cat food on the market exclusive to Right Start Pet Food. Revolutionising nutrition for cats. Duck for cats offers all the nutrients needed for cats at all stages throughout their lives. It is rare you will find natural and raw cat food on the Aussie market today offering all of this in one meal. It is nutrient dense, and the cleanest of pure proteins you can feed to your pet. This meal mimics a whole prey animal they would consume in the wild, as nature intended for our feline friends. Our duck for cats has been carefully formulated with strict guidelines sourcing a complete whole-food they have enjoyed for over 30 million years.

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    Can I Refreeze RSPF Meals?

    Delivered frozen for freshness, safe to thaw 50% in the refrigerator to refreeze in portion sizes.

    We recommend that if you wish to portion control your meals yourself, it is safe to semi-thaw meals in the refrigerator and refreeze immediately.

    Key Benefits

    Rich in amino acids + antioxidants & omega 3
    Rich in taurine, B Vitamins for coat & heart health
    Supporting digestive, bone & joint health
    Anti-inflammatory & hypoallergenic. Grain, GMO & gluten free
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    Duck Box for Cats

    Tathra Place - Free Range

    Tathra Place - Free Range

    Tathra Place are proudly partnered with RSPF

    We know that HAPPY animals, lead to HEALTHY customers that are HEALING the earth.

    Regenerative, multi-species farm in Wombeyan caves, NSW

    Feeding as many humans (and animals) as possible with ethical, beyond free-range, nutrient dense, hormone/anti-biotic/chemical free protein.

    Tathra Duck Information

    No Ordinary Duck

    RSPF have carefully selected this single protein, proud and honoured to be the first exclusive pet food company to offer 100% Australian Maremma Free Range Pasture, Aylesbury Pekin ducks.

    This duck is raised completely free range, chemical and antibiotic free in Taralga, NSW by Tathra Place Free Range family farm producers Luke & Pia Winder.

    The ducks enjoy roaming free in flocks with Maremma dogs to protect them from predators as part of a highly rotational land healing regenerative agricultural system. 

    Pasture-raised naturally and ethically treated by a passionate farmer, with an appreciation and respect for the animals welfare, valuing the food that sustains us and our pets.

    The ducks eat a non GMO grain supplement that completes, a diet of grass, bugs, worms and anything else they can find on natures earth, resulting in a complex flavour, highly nutritional and sustainable complete and balanced pet meal.

    All Tathra Place Free Range animals have access to water from the Wombeyan Caves aquifer, pure and natural drinking water. The ducks also have access to dunk tank’s designed and developed by Luke himself, giving them access to clean water for bathing and good beak health which is imperative for the health of water fowl.

    With plenty of natural pasture, zero chemicals and zero hormones, these ducks are true pasture and ethically raised ducks, like no other, your pets will thrive and can feel confident knowing the choices you make with what you feed will impact your pets wellness.

    RSPF partners with Australian suppliers, growers and farmers who share our passion for premium, fresh quality ingredients. That's why all RSPF meals are guaranteed the freshest pure whole food quality ingredients supporting 100% Australian grown always. 

    Feel confident your pets are gaining consistently with every meal carefully formulated every time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should cats eat raw food?

    Absolutely, cats are obligate carnivores; they thrive on whole meat proteins with organ meat, and they do not need vegetables.

    What are the benefits of raw food for cats?

    Allowing your cat to consume a highly nutrient-dense meal without heat processing, preservatives, additives, and fillers ensures that fresh, raw meats meet their dietary needs for development and management.

    Do raw fed cats live longer?

    A natural diet certainly has many long-term benefits; your cat's genetic make-up also plays a role; however, diet reduces the risk of many autoimmune diseases.