Frequently Asked Questions

What is Right Start Pet Food?

It is a 100% natural raw food that is biologically appropriate for dogs and cats of all ages — Australian ethically sourced and approved human quality ingredients you can see and trust for your pet's health.

What are some of the changes I will notice feeding Right Start raw?

A bowl of freshness will be the most obvious; at Right Start, we are all about fresh food, and a raw diet makes all the difference. Pets that have made the switch to Right Start have noticed significant and positive changes, noticeably happier with regaining energy, improved coat, skin, digestion, oral health, strong bones, consistent poo and less of it with more get up and go.

Do you sell one off orders?

We sure do! But we know your pets will love it and want to come back for more!

Do you offer any special promotions, loyalty programs, or discounts for repeat customers?

We reward loyalty with welcome discounts and ongoing savings for subscriptions; our online store always offers special promotions. Be sure to get extra value for your pets and your pocket with our bundle packs and subscription savings.

Is there a first-time-buyer discount?

Absolutely, you get 10% off your first order; shopping with us is so much fun with a variety of toys, accessories and super delicious meals, PLUS FREE Shipping over $99. Happy shopping!

What is the best food to feed my dog?

Feeding a raw whole food diet is always best, offering the most nutrient-dense nutrition without depleting them from cooking or rendering down to a biscuit. Natural is always best; you will notice a significant difference in your pet's overall energy, behaviour and wellness from the Right Start diet. Dogs require a high-protein diet of raw meats made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of life, providing them the energy, building and repair of cells and muscles while balancing hormones and immune function.

What meat should my dog not eat?

Any meat protein that is not tolerated by your dog should be avoided; some dogs may have a reaction to specific proteins, creating an allergy and or food intolerance.

Is Right Start raw?

Yes, Right Start meals are all raw-fed diets. No risk is associated with our raw meals; all potential contaminations through pathogens and bacteria are eliminated through our processing, snap frozen for freshness, the Right Start way!

Is Right Start grain-free?

Absolutely 100% grain-free.

Where is Right Start prepared?

Right Start is produced all in-house, not commercially outsourced; we have complete control over every aspect of our production process, our hands-on approach ensuring the highest safety measures in our Sydney-based human-grade food facility.

How do I order if I need help knowing what to feed my pet?

Please contact our Customer Care Team via email at or phone at 0407 224 518 between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5.30 Monday to Saturday; we are here to help get you off to the Right Start with your pets.

How long doe RSPF meals stay fresh for?

Meals are to be kept frozen and can be stored for up to 4-6 months in your freezer. Once thawed, it is recommended to use within 3-5 days.

Are Right Start meals all human-quality ingredients?

Yes, please! That is what your pets deserve: quality and freshness of 100% human-grade ingredients; the Right Start Way!

Do I need to cook the meals before I serve them?

We recommend feeding raw, maintaining the highest nutrient value; upon cooking, the minerals, vitamins and enzymes are dramatically depleted. HOWEVER some pets enjoy our meals gently cooked, try this with our meals.

When will I be charged?

Once your order is placed at checkout, your payment option will be charged with a confirmation email of your order.

How can I get in touch?

We love chatting with our fur family parents; we can be reached from 8.30 am - to 5.30 pm AEST via phone or email us anytime at

FAQ's with Dr. Chris Papantonio

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FAQ's with Dr. Chris Papantonio

Raw Pet Feeding Tips

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