Is Salmon Good for Pets?

Is Salmon Good for Pets?

Did you know dogs cannot naturally produce Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids?
Right Start Pet Food – Storage & Care Instructions

Right Start Pet Food – Storage & Care Instructions

How to property store and feed raw food to you pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chicken or Turkey for dogs?

Turkey is a great ethically sourced protein meat that is cooling and a neutral food for pets that have food intolerances, allergies or sensitivities to chicken. Turkey is also easily digestible with a lower fat and sodium content, yet higher in iron and richer in protein with loads of B complex vitamins than chicken.

Is human meat good for dogs?

What we love about human-quality ingredients is the testing that applies to the food we eat applies to your fur family, too; you can rest assured our ingredients are top shelf.

How to transition to pet raw feeding?

We strongly recommend transitioning within 7-10 days, adding 25% of their new food to the current diet, mixed in well. Add 10% extra each day until you reach 100% of their new diet. This transition will allow their gastrointestinal track time to adjust to the change in diet.

What is the difference between classic range and other meals?

Classic single-limited ingredients can be fed as a complete meal or added to other red protein meats. This is a great choice for those wanting to add their own ingredients. Our other meals are a complete and balanced meal with nothing more to add.

How much exercise is necessary for your pets health?

Exercise is fun for your pets and you; this is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with your pets and experience both mental and physical bonding. Exercising your pets regularly will offer them stimulation for their mental health and keep them active physically and mentally to avoid boredom and undesirable behaviours. Depending on your pet's size, offer appropriate exercise drills and activities for both mental and physical stimuli. Did you know exercise will improve your pet's overall functionality? Movement is important; keep it interesting, and be sure to be involved. Walk, run, fetch, dog sports, swimming, cycling, puzzle games, hide and seek, nose works, tug games, search and find, tracking, luring, weight pulling, hiking, and obedience can also offer high rewards for your pets. Make exercise a lifestyle choice for both you and your pets.