Based on your Dogs Weight

Feeding Guide - For Dogs

We recommend feeding adult dogs (+12 months) to meet their energy needs 2% of their body weight daily. Pregnant and lactating dogs or working dogs 4-5% of their body weight daily. Recommended for puppies is 5-6% of their body weight, this amount will vary and reduce as the pup goes through different growth stages until adulthood.

This is intended as a guide for optimal caloric intake only, your pet may need more or less depending on pet's age, breed, size, weight, activity level, environment and general health will help determine the correct feeding amount.

Please consult with RSPF Team if you have any questions regarding the appropriate amount and/or type of food best suitable for your dog. We recommend you feed pups twice to three times per day and adults to senior once a day.

Ensure that clean, fresh water is always available for your dog.

Feeding Guide - For Cats

This is a guide only.

A cats weight, activity level and weight goals will contribute to the quantaties feed.  A 5kg adult cat will consume 125g daily however kittens is calculated base on their age not weight therefore the guide is best to follow up to adult weight.

Raw Pet Food

Storage Instructions

Raw Pet Food

Storage Instructions

All raw meat food must be kept frozen until ready for thawing.

Place the required meal amount in the fridge, allowing 24 hours to thaw. Once thawed, meal can be consumed within 3-5 days after thawed (keep refrigerated once thawed at 4 degrees celsius).

If needed quickly, meals may be thawed in their sealed packaging in warm (not hot) water. Prior to and after use, ensure hands, preparation area and utensils are thoroughly washed with hot soapy water, maintaining good hygiene practise for you and your pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate how much my pet will eat?

We have a feeding guide for you to follow. All dogs will have different growth or maintenance needs; therefore, the guide will allow you to select a general amount to feed. If you still need help, the RSPF Team can provide assistance and a suitable meal plan.

How do I transition my dog onto a raw diet?

We strongly recommend transitioning within 7-10 days, adding 25% of their new food to the current diet, mixed in well. Add 10% extra each day until you reach 100% of their new diet. This transition will allow their gastrointestinal track time to adjust to the change in diet.

How do I serve supplements?

Simply sprinkle the recommended dose over their favourite RSPF meal or stir through and serve.

Can I pour bone broth over my dogs meal?

Yes, it's a great way to add extra moisture to their meals, particularly for pets that do not drink much; a favourite with fussy eaters and excellent for that extra nutritional boost.

How much should my pet eat?

Our feeding guide is a great way to start. It depends on your pet's age, size, activity level, and life stage.

Can I mix proteins/products together?

Our classic range of Salmon and Turkey is the perfect choice to make your own mixes that can be safely added to any red meats.

Do I need to cook raw meat?

We recommend feeding raw, maintaining the highest nutrient value; the minerals, vitamins and enzymes are dramatically depleted upon cooking.