Nutritional Benefits

Raw and fresh pet food provides a wide array of benefits for your beloved pets. It's packed with essential nutrients, enzymes, and proteins that are easily digestible, reducing allergies and promoting better overall health and vitality.

Improved Digestion

Many pets suffer from digestive issues caused by processed foods. Switching to raw pet food that contains good fat can help alleviate these problems, leading to healthier digestion and less discomfort for your pets.

Healthier Coat and Skin

A raw food diet can contribute to a shinier coat, healthier skin, and reduced shedding, keeping your pets looking and feeling their best.

Weight Management

If your pet is struggling with weight issues, our raw and fresh pet food can help. It provides balanced nutrition without unnecessary fillers, helping your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Stronger Immune System

Raw food can strengthen your pet's immune system with anti-inflammatory food, making them less susceptible to illness and better equipped to fight infections.

Improved Dental Health

Chewing on raw bones and meat can help naturally clean your pet's teeth, reducing the risk of dental problems.

Fur Approved!

Breeders, Founders & Co-owners!

Fran & Frank 🐶

Australian made & family operated, our mission is to create nutritional, complete & balanced meal for all pets. As breeders since 1998 & pet-owners ourselves; our signature recipes have been used by pure pedigree dog breeders all across Australia.

Our Signature Mix Formula

100% Aussie

Our Signature Mix Formula

100% Aussie

Chemical Free, Preservative Free & Additive Free

Human Quality Ingredients

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

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The Journey of RSPF

We started breeding the Cane Corso 25 years ago & this is how RSFP was born!

Our RSPF Logo

Before & After

Our rebrand, new website & subscription meals will allow our customers to receive a more streamlined ordering experience so we can focus on what matters most - creating quality, raw & fresh meals for your pet! Our new logo conveys a playful & brighter vibe (like our owners!) whilst staying true to our promise of delivering only the highest quality products and authentic experience.

At Right Start Pet Food, we are the premium raw pet food suppliers for numerous pet owners in Australia. Fresh and raw pet food is devoid of fillers, grains, and synthetic additives, consisting solely of the freshest ingredients to fulfill your pets' nutritional needs. This ensures optimal nourishment for your furry companions. Our raw pet food is sourced from reputable suppliers and prepared with the utmost care. We prioritise the quality of ingredients to ensure your pets receive the best nutrition available.

Getting Started on Raw Pet Food

If you are planning to transition your pet to a raw food diet, it is a thoughtful choice, and to help you on the journey, here are some tips:

Go Slow- Slowly introduce raw pet food into your pet's diet to allow their digestive system to adjust. Mix it with their current food and gradually increase the raw food portion.

Handle with care- Handle raw pet food with care to prevent cross-contamination and ensure safety for both you and your pet.

Give them variety- Offer a variety of raw food options to provide a well-rounded diet. Check our feeding guide for more information.

Get Fresh Food for Pets Every Time at Right Start Pet Food

We are passionate about helping your pets flourish with the benefits of raw and fresh pet food. We are not just raw pet food suppliers; we want to be your partners in ensuring your pets lead long, healthy, and happy lives. Make the switch to raw pet food today and experience the positive impact on your furry friends. Trust Right Start Pet Food as your go-to supplier for premium raw and fresh pet food in Australia. Your pets deserve nothing but the best, and we promise nothing but the best.

Check out our vast variety of raw pet foods, or contact us in case of any queries or concerns!


What do you mean by human-quality ingredients?

When we say our raw pet food is curated from human-quality ingredients, it implies that they are the same ingredients that are designed for human consumption. We procure supplies from the same suppliers and vendors who also cater to many home food markets and restaurants. All of our meat and vegetables are additives, chemical, and preservative-free and are locally produced and sourced in Australia. 

What is the composition of your food formula?

At Right Start Pet Food, our signature mix constitutes 70% fresh raw whole meat, 20% refined bone cartilage, and 10% vegetables and fruits.

Which proteins do you use in your products?

We use beef, duck, roo, salmon, turkey, or a combination of these proteins in our mixes. 

When is the weekly order cut-off?

Our weekly order cut-off is at 2 p.m. every Tuesday. 

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes absolutely! We offer subscription services on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis. Register for your desired subscription today and get attractive discounts of 10% on the first order and 5% on all repeat orders while your pet enjoys fresh food every time.