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    Combination Box for Dogs

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    Suitable for puppy, adult & senior dogs

    Premium, sustainable, complete & balanced

    100% raw, fresh & natural Aussie ingredients


    Product description


    $25 OFF *Combo Box PLUS 1 x Twin Duck Wing & 1 x Salmon Belly (14 x 500g) ONLY*

    Bundle our duck, turkey, roo & beef!

    This box is a combination of 4 flavours. It is an ideal pack, portion controlled with no fuss while exploring the taste of the wild, free range pure ingredients loved and trusted by Aussie dogs. We make life healthy and easy, simply thaw and serve. A raw complete balanced ready-made meal. It is a fresh, appropriate diet that will provide healthy generations of animals.

    Small box includes:

    • 2 x 500g Duck for Dogs
    • 2 x 500g Turkey for Dogs
    • 2 x 500g Roo for Dogs
    • 2 x 500g Beef for Dogs

    Medium includes:

    • 2 x 500g Duck for Dogs
    • 4 x 500g Turkey for Dogs
    • 4 x 500g Roo for Dogs
    • 4 x 500g Beef for Dogs

    Large includes:

    • 4 x 500g Duck for Dogs
    • 4 x 1kg Turkey for Dogs
    • 4 x 1kg Roo for Dogs
    • 2 x 1kg Beef for Dogs

    Extra Large includes:

      • 1 x 5kg Duck for Dogs
      • 1 x 5kg Turkey for Dogs
      • 1 x 5kg Roo for Dogs
      • 1 x 5kg Beef for Dogs

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      Can I Refreeze RSPF Meals?

      Delivered frozen for freshness, safe to thaw 50% in the refrigerator to refreeze in portion sizes.

      We recommend that if you wish to portion control your meals yourself, it is safe to semi-thaw meals in the refrigerator and refreeze immediately.

      Ingredient breakdown

      The perfect selection of proteins, ensuring your pets nutritional and dietary needs are meet across
      our carefully formulated meals provided in this range of raw meals.

      100% natural fresh meats with no preservatives, no additives. Pure whole-food ingredients packed with nutritional benefits, delivering a balanced diet for your pets essential health.

      Australian sourced ingredients made in Australia with a proven Guaranteed Analysis Quality human grade ingredients.

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      Combination Box for Dogs

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do your minces have bone in them?

      Some of our minces have bones; check the pie graph to know what's in your Right Start meal.

      What is the best organ meat to feed my dog?

      Natural grass-fed is always best. We only source pure and grass-fed organ meats.

      Are puppies too young to feed?

      Puppies are weaned from their mother's milk from 4 to 6 weeks; they can consume Right Start meals as early as four weeks.

      What does complete and balanced mean?

      A fully sustainable nutritional meal offers nutrients, providing nourishment essential for maintaining all life stages and growth meeting their daily dietary needs. Complete and balanced means Right Start exceeds all the nutritional requirements, offering protein, fat, bone, organ vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients. Our recipes exceed the AAFCO nutritional standards; we work closely with leading holistic vets, optimising your pet's health through nutrition. Our recipes undergo testing with nutritional laboratories to guarantee nutritional outcomes for your pets.

      Is your food grain free?

      All our meals contain zero grains and fillers.