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    Salmon Skin Chips - Treats

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    Suitable for puppy, adult & senior dogs

    100% Australian made & Australian sourced human-quality ingredients

    Immune booster


    Product Description

    A crunchy treat, topper and healthy snack packed with omega 3's nourishing skin and coat, great for dogs and cats with skin allergies, dry flaky, itchy skin and dull coats. Excellent for fussy eaters, packed as a super natural chewy and crunchy treat they will love!

    Made from 100% Australian Salmon skin, gently dehydrated, retaining a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and an excellent protein source with satisfying crunchy texture that dogs and cats enjoy.

    Benefits - Cats love FISH and so do dogs, this tasty natural treat is high in nutrition with essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6

    • skin and coat natural nourishment
    • hypoallergenic 
    • skin and coat
    • eye, heart and joint support
    • low in fat
    • high in protein
    • chewy, crunchy treat for mental stimulation and oral care
    • great for sensitive stomach
    • anti inflammatory

    Feeding Suggestions - Add to your cats and dog diet weekly as a high value nutritional treat and or topper. Intended as a treat, not replacing a balanced diet. Always supervise your pets while consuming treats. 

    • Cats enjoy them cut up into smaller pieces to add to their raw meals and bite size chewy snacks for ongoing oral care, excellent as a meal topper adding in essential crunchy omegas
    • Dogs - enjoyed as a chewy rewarding treat and or meal topper, an excellent treat as a training reward, on the go healthy treat for your outdoor adventures

    Storage - This product is best consumed within 2-3 weeks to ensure freshness with zero additives and preservatives made fresh for your pets in small batches, it is best kept in the package provided in refrigerator till fully consumed or a glass sealed container stored out of direct sunlight.

    Sizing - This is a natural product, sizes vary based on the size of the fish.

    Each 25g pack contains 8-10 chips


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    Salmon Skin Chips - Treats

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I serve supplements?

    Right Start Essential Vitamins are easily served into your pet's favourite Right Start Pet Food meals. Sprinkle the recommended amount into their meals and stir through.

    Can I add Essential Vitamins to Right Start Bone Broth?

    Absolutely, you can add the recommended amount into bone broth and serve.