How to Manage your Pet's Allergies

How to Manage your Pet's Allergies

How To Manage Allergies – No Simple Answer – Yet Possible To Manage

If your dog or cat is allergy-prone, selecting the correct protein that is highly digestible and of a single ingredient will be the first initial stage to minimise a reaction and food intolerance.  

Be mindful that it is not always the meal they consume that can cause issues; it may well be non-food related, e.g.

  • Their environment, including but not limited to household cleaning products, chemicals used in and around the home and garden
  • Insect bite
  • Pet medication/ vaccinations or ingesting something they should not have
  • Their bedding
  • Contaminated water (we see this after periods of rain) Cats and dogs drinking water that has run off or in puddles are full of contaminants you cannot see, including domestic or wild animal faeces and pesticides)
  • Their state of mind (stress)
  • Their owner's mood
  • Recovery from injury or illness 
  • New fur companion


It may all have an impact on an allergy reaction and the immune system. Dried treats are not always tolerated; giving your pet treats makes us humans happier; however, they may be causing your pet more harm than you know. Certain pet treats are becoming an increasing issue with allergies, and digestion upsets with many pets.

Try not feeding treats for up to 4 weeks; you will be surprised with the results as more and more pets are becoming more sensitive to processed treats/snacks; select a natural raw, not dry, treat as a better choice.  

If introducing treats, use a single fresh and raw protein treat. This will be the most desirable and easily digestible choice for your pets, avoiding stress on their organs to process and absorb all the goodness they have to offer. Be sure to provide only fresh, pure, and natural food you can see and trust. 

All RSPF Raw Meaty Bones are the ideal healthy choice. Some, but not all, dried treats may cause gut upsets and allergies. 

If you have a dog with a sensitive tummy and chronic itching, this is the perfect reason to stop all treats and take note of all aspects of their environment.

Cleanse their gut with RSPF Bone Broth for a period of 3-4 weeks. This will flush away any toxins that may be present.

In more severe cases, after all the above has been accessed and attempted, the use of a medicated shampoo may be necessary; we recommend Dermcare Malaseb. This will alleviate itching and inflammation caused by the allergen; it is also an antibacterial and antifungal shampoo suitable for dogs and cats, great with pets that experience yeast, skin, and bacterial infections.

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